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This WEEK In Tech

TWiT 475: Apple is Touching Me

Apple Watch, Microsoft and Mojang, end of MacWorld magazine, and more.

TWiT 474: I'm Too Sexy for My iWatch

Cloud security, Apple's agenda, end of Twitpic, and more.

TWiT 473: Weaponized Dirigibles

Virtual nausea, Uber vs. Lyft, smart phone kill switch, and more.

TWiT 472: Like a Fine Cheese

Cultivating Facebook, the new memory, music on YouTube, and more.

TWiT 471: It is Brisk

Apple's style, podcast anniversary, Twitter elitism, burgerbot, and more.

Dvorak & Horowitz Unplugged

DHUnplugged #239: Say Goodbye To The Taxi Industry

So much to discuss. The new iPhone, China's economic woes, Band Practice, fake beheadings,  and the death of the taxi industry via Uber. - We also spend some time looking at a few stocks, the recent stimulus that is being offered by the bank of China ...

DHUnplugged #238: Back From The Hamptons

Traders are back to their desks and keyboards as the summer is now over. While trading volume has been anemic for the past few months, it is already seeing a sharp pickup on the first day after summer vacations. -

DHUnplugged #237: Millennial Madness

The end of the watch as we know it? Gold may be shining if seasonal trends are correct. Is the millennial generation making a mockery of pricing? Best Buy (BBY) earnings and some stocks to watch... This is a jam packed show with some in depth insights..