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This WEEK In Tech

TWiT 467: Netflix Thinks I'm a Bronie

Comcast call from hell.

TWiT 466: Why so Vertical?

Wearables, NSA data dump, Glass heads, conflicting review rulings, and more.

TWiT 465: Let's Ask the Audience

What to forget, value added squatters, Blackphone, T-Mobile cramming, and more.

TWiT 464: My Wi-Fi Muumuu

Aereo and cell phone rulings, Android Wear, emotion feeds, and more.

TWiT 463: All the Pretty Things

Nano tech now, Fire phone, self replicating machines, net neutrality bill, and more.

Dvorak & Horowitz Unplugged

DHUnplugged #233: 3-Day Workweek For Swinging Doctors

In this episode, John and Andrew discuss how a 3-day workweek is possible as well as the special codewords that may be used in the swinger's community. Earnings from Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX) and more are dissected.

DHUnplugged #232: Yellen Tellin’ About Small Cap Sellin’

In this action packed episode, John and Andrew explore earnings season and what got into Janet Yellen with her comments about social media and biotech. We look at the recent Comcast fiasco as well as news that is shaping markets.

DHUnplugged #231: Taylor Swift Did What?

Hipsters in Brooklyn - Andrew is amazed. A short we should have seen coming and some discussion on immigration. We look into the Op-Ed piece that Taylor Swift wrote today and we have a few picks this week.