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Dvorak & Horowitz Unplugged

DHUnplugged #221: Food Prices Skyrocket, Chipotle Plunge?

Food prices are moving higher - what does this mean for some of the restaurant stocks? Chipotle  Mexican Grill (CMG) will be reporting on Thursday - we weigh in on how to play it. - Also, we look at the highest paid CEOs,

DHUnplugged: #219/#220: Clueless Pundits and Idiotic Rainfall Futures

We are aghast that there are actually rainfall futures traded... Bah! - More importantly we ask the question: Was John Stamos on Happy Days? - We talk about the recent market sell-off and the pundits who are predicting more downside,

DHUnplugged #218: Mo’ Money!

The Fed tells us that the last announcement by Yellen was just an April Fool's prank - markets hit record again. We also explore the origin of the names for Michael Lewis's children. Are markets rigged? - Stocks to watch as well...


This WEEK In Tech

TWiT 454: Kansas City, Oklahoma

Wearable market, working Coachella, maglev for all, real fake blood, and more.

TWiT 453: Let's Get Social

Heartbleed, Facebook’s evil plan, kinder gentler Microsoft, Gogo Wi-Fi spies, and more.

TWiT 452: Kevin Rose: Parasite!

Fire TV, ersatz anarchists, Cortana, EU net neutrality, wearable wane, and more.

TWiT 451: Gibson's Nuts

Facebook and Oculus, Office for iPad, the new One, XPmageddon, and more.

TWiT 450: Twitter Canoe and Ed Bott Too

Turkey and Twitter, NSA hypocrisy, Netflix neutrality, Android Wear, and more.