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Are Atheists ripping off God by defining God as a personification of Reality?

All religions have their own God(s) and they are all different. And every person who believes in God(s) has a different understanding of who or what it is. Atheists don’t believe in any God, hence the name Atheist. Most of the bristle when someone use the G-word in a way that isn’t demeaning. However – if we are going to have a discussion about God – what are we talking about? What really is the definition of God? Is there a definition of God that makes sense even to Atheists? A definition of God that even scientists can agree on? Turns out – there is!

Science, logic, and reason are actually very new concepts. Not that they didn’t exist before, but that science as a discipline is only a few hundred year old. We in this generation really have not appreciation of what a world before science was like. A world where the Earth was flat, the sky was up, and humans understood very little about the Reality we live in. It was a world where the concept of Reality didn’t exist. But evolution favors the smart and those who understood Reality better tended to survive. It is in our genes to want to know Reality because those who didn’t understand Reality didn’t survive as well.

But Reality is a modern term born in the age of science. Back then they didn’t have a word for Reality – so they call it God. God, it turns out, is just a personification of Reality. And that’s the definition I’m going with here. And I assert that defining God as a personification of Reality is the only definition that makes sense. And personifying Reality in some ways actually makes sense to the meat computers we call our brains.

Now – to be clear, I am not saying that God is real. I know that no matter how many times I say that there will be religious people who read this and insist that “an Atheist is admitting God is real.” That is NOT the case. And there are Atheists who are going to squirm at the idea and not like playing word salad with established definitions. I understand that. So I’m asking everyone to read and understand what I’m talking about here because if you evolve Atheism and Theism forward – there is a common future. And that common future is understanding that God isn’t the invisible cloud being, God is a personification of Reality. And early religion was a very primitive form of science. So I’m not advocating that Christian convert to Atheism, I’m advocating that Christians upgrade to Realism. Reality is the new God. Evidence is our scripture. And Science is how we worship God.

Similarly, Atheism is knowing everything about nothing. In a perfect world the world Atheist becomes meaningless. Atheism is dependent on Reality because without Reality there would be no place for God not to be real in. The very term Atheist is flawed because it keeps God in the center of the religious dialog. Religion is not about God, religion is about your relationship to Reality. Now that relationship to reality might be a hostile relationship, but Reality is the center of the universe and we need to start talking about religion and non-religion in terms of Reality. Believers are believers of Reality. Non-believers are those who reject Reality. It’s not about God(s), it’s about Reality!

Now – the interesting think about looking at God as a personification of Reality is that now a lot of what religions say makes sense. For example, God, by definition is the biggest thing in the universe. God is everywhere, omnipresent. That describes Reality, and only Reality. Nothing can be bigger than God, nothing can be bigger than Reality. God is the sum total of everything that exists. Reality is the sum total of everything that exists. God is Truth. Reality is the very definition of Truth. If you turn your back on God you shall die. If we ignore Reality we will go extinct. Substitute Reality for God and a lot of this makes sense.

And – if you have a different definition of God – like the God of the Bible – or the god of the Koran, that definition is at best obsolete. My God, as a personification of Reality will always be bigger and more real than your God. And if my God is bigger then your God isn’t really God. So, if you believe in God, but your God isn’t a personification of Reality, you’re worshiping the WRONG GOD. If you are going to use the term God correctly in a way that makes logical sense then you have to realize than my God is the one true God. It’s time for you to Upgrade to Reality.

Personification is actually a useful tool because it can make complex questions easier to visualize by our meat computers. For example, let’s personify evolution and call it “Darwin”. Darwin is the personification of one of the fundamental laws of the universe, evolution.

So – what does Darwin want us to do? What is Darwin telling us about who we are, where we have been, and where we are going in the future? When we look at the fossil record we see that an asteroid took out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. So Darwin is asking us, “How’s that space program coming?” If we fail to develop a space program the big asteroid is going to wipe us out too. Why did Elon Musk start SpaceX? Because Darwin told him to do it.

Evolution is about what survives, So one can say Darwin wants you to live. Darwin loves you! We all know that in 500 million years the Sun will be so hot that it boils off the oceans, and all life on this planet will be gone. The only hope that Gaia has to survive is if humanity moves out into space. Darwin wants us to evolve and leave this planet. Darwin is our father. Darwin created us. Darwin wants us to continue to evolve. Darwin wants us to Live in Right Relationship with Reality.

So the Atheists might be asking, why bother with this nonsense? The universe isn’t a person. It doesn’t have purpose. Oh really?

We are the universe. The universe evolved into us. It created us through evolution. Was there a mind there that did it on purpose? No – at least not until now. But things without a mind can still have an apparent will or purpose. For example, we say that a plant “wants to grow towards the light.” But a plant doesn’t have a mind, so it can’t “want” in the way humans can. But it still grows toward the light. Evolution favors the smart, so in the same sense that a plant wants to grow towards the light the universe wants to evolve and create intelligent life. And on this planet we are the life that the universe created. Think of us as the brain cells of the universe. We are the universe’s mind. And when we contemplate the universe, the universe is contemplating itself through us.

Why do Atheists care what other people don’t believe in? What is the meaning of meaning? What does living a good life mean in a world ruled by pure science and logic? Is morality scientifically determinable? How do we objectively determine right and wrong? These are questions that Atheism doesn’t answer; questions that need to be answered. These are religious questions, and we need to be looking at Reality based religion to answer these questions. So the notion that all religions are wrong may apply to all current religions. But what if there is the “one true religion?” The religion that actually gets it right. What would that religion look like? It would be the religion that believes in what is actually real. It would be the religion that puts the pursuit of the understanding of reality as it really is first. It would be the religion that defined the meaning of meaning. It would be a religion that is discovered, not invented. What would such a religion be?

Welcome to Religion 3.0. Welcome to the Evidential Reformation. Religion 1.0 was the authority of elders. When humans invented writing it created Religion 2.0, the authority of scripture. writing allowed the stories to be preserved more accurately than word of mouth. But it solidified an early description of Reality that was state of the art in it’s day. but is obsolete now. Religion 3.0 is the authority of evidence. It is the study of Reality as it really is. The pursuit of the one true God. Science is the new Bible.

So instead of Theists and Atheists arguing about the existence or non-existence of various gods it’s time for both sides to upgrade to Religion 3.0. If you are going to worship God, why not worship the right God? Why not turn to the One True God, understanding God to be a personification of Reality? And if you’re an Atheist, why bother reading the Bible and obsessing over God? It’s kind of creepy. It’s like stalking your ex-wife. And why define who you are and what you believe in terms of something that doesn’t exist?

The Buddhists get it. The Dahlia Lama has ordered his monks to go out and get advanced science degrees and understand reality as it really is. Are you Christians, Muslims, and Jews going to be left behind? Isn’t there only one true path and isn’t that one true path understanding Reality as it really is? Isn’t Reality the very definition of Truth? How can one know Truth without putting Reality first?

My God speaks to me today. We can see him through the Hubble Telescope. He hasn’t been silent for 2000 years. (Or 150 years if you’re Mormon.) My God is alive and evolving through us every day. My God is understood through science. My God is real because it performs what the Bible would call miracles. We can heal the sick. We can raise people from the dead. We can fly onto the heavens in a flaming chariot. It’s called an airplane. We can take the heart out of one person and put it in another. And when my God speaks he says the same thing to everyone. So my God passed the “God Test”. Does yours? If not – you’re worshiping the wrong God.

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“Security” is Killing The US Tech Economy and More

Funny how with Israel/Gaza, Ukraine/Russia, The Bachelor finale, and so on, the main stream media seems to have forgotten about all this.

The National Security Agency spying scandal will cost the US technology and telecommunications industries billions of dollars in coming years if potential clients—including corporations and governments—take their business elsewhere following revelations of rampant US surveillance, according to a new study.

The financial cost to US corporate giants like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, AT&T and Verizon is just the tip of the iceberg.
“Too often, we have discussed the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs through the distorting lens of a simplistic ‘security versus privacy’ narrative,” Danielle Kehl, a policy analyst at OTI and the primary author of the report, said in a statement. “But if you look closer, the more accurate story is that in the name of security, we’re trading away not only privacy, but also the US tech economy, internet openness, America’s foreign policy interests, and cybersecurity.”

Movie theatre encourages its patrons to leave their mobile phones on

Movie theatre encourages its patrons to leave their mobile phones on

Mary Poppins Wants To Get A Living Wage

$10/hr seems fine for a small town in North Dakota, but she’s in London where I’m thinking she’d need a tad more. What’s reasonable where you live?

I’m getting a solar system from Solar City

This is going to be interesting, and I’m going to post updates on the progress. Just ordered a new solar system for my house from Solar City. And it’s not going to cost me anything out of pocket. They come out and put it in and then they become my electricity provider. I still get a small PG&E bill for the meter and gas I use, but the rest is billed from Solar City.

Yes – technically I could have saved even more if I built my own or bought one outright. And probably could have done that. But Solar City is one of Elon Musk’s companies (as in Tesla motors and SpaceX) and I like what he’s doing to improve the world so I decided not just to do what’s easy but I feel good about giving them my business.

Plan is to get 15 panels. I really only need 12 but I just wanted to generate a little extra power just for the hell of it. What’s amazing is that with an electric bill that’s only $75/month they still could actually save me a few bucks. But I’m doing it mostly because I like the idea of not burning carbon to make my power. And I get to save money doing it.

Technically because I had them add 3 extra panels my saving is less. I would have saved $12/month but not I’m saving only $1. That’s OK because that’s what I want. Money isn’t the biggest factor. But in the future my savings will increase because PG&E rates will go up faster than Solar City. The contract says they can only go up 3%/year max.

But – I want to get some personal experience with solar. That way I can talk about it from experience. There isn’t anything cleaner than solar power. Although I think the immediate threat from global warming is exaggerated, one can not deny that it has some effect. And I know that it will be bad in the long run to pump all the carbon into the environment. So reducing one’s carbon footprint and saving money doing it is a good thing. Most of the time being green costs more. This costs less.

Realistically I’ve been thinking about the big picture. In some ways PG&E is getting screwed because 1/2 of their costs is maintaining the power lines, not making the power. So since the solar power is effectively “stored” in the PG&E grid they are getting short changed from that aspect.

However, solar makes electricity on those hot summer days when PG&E needs it the most. PG&E has to have the ability to generate enough power in real time to meet peak demand. So if they can’t do that they have to ask some of their big power users to shut down so they can power our home air conditioners. But since I will be generating excess power not only will I not be a drag on the system, but I’ll be powering my neighbor’s air conditioner as well. The PG&E can sell their power to other customers and not have to shut them down. It also reduces their line posses on high demand days, and it makes it so they need to build fewer power plants to have the capacity to cover hot days. So PG&E gets some benefits too.

Also, as Solar City expands to more and more sites eventually they might become the nation’s biggest power provider. And that will get them some political clout to go up against big coal and oil. So I’m also stopping some strip mining and fracking, and I’m not funding Muslim terrorists as much. Although an electric car would make a bigger difference there.

There’s another interesting aspect to this as well. I might actually make some money at this. They have a referral program that pays me $250 if I get someone else signed up. And I get an extra $100 on a second level signup. And I’ve made a lot of money in the past with affiliate programs. So it’s going to be interesting to see how that works out as well.


School Voucher Systems: Doomed to Fail?

Why is it so many for-profit programs that replace government run ones slide into nightmare such as for-profit prisons where more people get convicted for lessor things to fill the cells?

Advocates for choice-based solutions should take a look at what’s happened to schools in Sweden, where parents and educators would be thrilled to trade their country’s steep drop in PISA scores over the past 10 years for America’s middling but consistent results. What’s caused the recent crisis in Swedish education? Researchers and policy analysts are increasingly pointing the finger at many of the choice-oriented reforms that are being championed as the way forward for American schools. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that adding more accountability and discipline to American schools would be a bad thing, it does hint at the many headaches that can come from trying to do so by aggressively introducing marketlike competition to education.



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