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US’ Bad Winter Not Because of Climate Change?

On a clear day like this, you can almost see… something!

This computer model says it’s China’s fault. Other computer models say it’s global warming/climate change. Where’s that Watson computer from Jeopardy to host a battle of the computer models and sort this out?

China’s air pollution could be intensifying storms over the Pacific Ocean and altering weather patterns in North America, according to scientists in the US. A team from Texas, California and Washington state has found that pollution from Asia, much of it arising in China, is leading to more intense cyclones, increased precipitation and more warm air in the mid-Pacific moving towards the north pole.

According to the team’s findings, which were released on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, these changes could ultimately contribute to erratic weather in the US.

DH Unplugged Nothing to See Here, Yet

Here is the latest conversation I had with money manager Andrew Horowitz…. new insights for anyone who invests in anything.

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The Wolf of Buzzfeed

Mike Judge should hire these guys.

Guardian and Washington Post win Pulitzer prize for NSA revelations by Edward Snowden

Guardian and Washington Post win Pulitzer prize for NSA revelations by Edward Snowden

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NSA “defenders of our freedom” knew about Heartbleed bug for two years

NSA "defenders of our freedom" knew about Heartbleed bug for two years



John Dvorak's Second Opinion: LocateTV is a great find

John Dvorak began using LocateTV more than a year ago and thinks of it as part of the new model for TV entertainment viewing. He says the search mechanism is a ‘missing link’ for viewers.

John Dvorak's Second Opinion: Netflix is no house of cards

Not enough media pundits are extolling the virtues of the mini-series ‘House of Cards’ that is exclusively streamed on Netflix. It’s a prime-time example of how television is being revolutionized, writes John Dvorak.

John Dvorak's Second Opinion: Russia’s Yandex stacks up against Google

Russian search engine Yandex is simple and elegant and John C. Dvorak prefers it to Google.

John Dvorak's Second Opinion: What does Dell expect by going private?

Company is battling for credibility as a services company, struggling not to be seen as a PC maker, writes John C. Dvorak.

John Dvorak's Second Opinion: These are really early days for 3-D printing

We are generally clueless about what to do with a 3-D printer, because such a device is so weird and alien to our lives, writes John C. Dvorak.


PC Magazine

Goodbye XP—Enjoy Being a Zombie

The death of Windows XP is short-sighted to the extreme, as Microsoft's best OS will soon become the perfect, boot-legged, never-dying operating system option.

Killing Windows XP Wastes Billions

Microsoft is in the process of flushing about $6 billion a year down the crapper by killing support for this operating system. Here's how.

Rethinking the Ridiculous Smartphone Theft Prevention Act

Bricking a stolen smartphone via a kill switch is perhaps the dumbest idea from politicians yet. All it will do is get even more phones stolen.