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US Trademark Office Renews Trademark on “REALITY”

This has got to be good enough to make someone’s weird news section.

PRESS RELEASE: Church of Reality founder granted Trademark on REALITY
DATE: 09-17-2014
CONTACT: Marc Perkel – marc@churchofreality.org
WEB: http://www.churchofreality.org/wisdom/trademark/

Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality was granted a renewal of his registered trademark on the word REALITY in the religious and spiritual counselling category. This is the 5 year renewal period where the Church of Reality was granted the highest trademark status under federal law under Section 15 Declaration of Incontestibility.

In theory, Church of Reality founder Marc Perkel can enforce this trademark against infringement by other religions and demand a license fee for the use of the word REALITY. “If they use the word Reality and pass a collection plate then I deserve a piece of that.”, say Perkel. “Just like if I were to call my church Catholic and pass a collection plate I would be infringing on their trademark.”

After 15 years of trying to get people interested in Reality Church of Reality founder Marc Perkel is going to try a different approach by enforcing his trademark and prohibiting the use of the word Reality. “Maybe if I tell everyone that that can’t use the word Reality then they might become more interested in it? If I take it away then maybe it will wake them up.” Perkel is thinking about charging preachers 25 cents every time they say “Reality” and collects money from it.

The issuance of the trademark itself raises religious and philosophical questions. “Maybe I am God?”, Perkel asks. “Isn’t the definition of God he who owns Reality? The United States government has declared me to be the owner of Reality. And if I’m not God, then what was God’s plan to make me the owner of Reality?” Perkel adds, “This has got to mean something!”

Perkel has owned the trademark on Reality for 5 years. During the application for the Reality trademark, and in the 5 years after it was issued, no one has contested the trademark. That is why the trademark office granted Perkel the strongest trademark possible under US law. It would seem that Perkel might be the only person in America that’s interested in Reality. “And isn’t that just a little sad.”, says Perkel.

Marc Perkel
Church of Reality
“If it’s real, we believe in it!”

DETAILS OF TRADEMARK – yes – I’m not kidding – this is real!
Serial Number: 78735626
Registration Number: 3598515
Registration Date: Mar 31, 2009
Owner: Marc Perkel

Sep 16, 2014


The declaration of use or excusable nonuse filed for the above-identified registration meets the requirements of Section 8 of the Trademark Act, 15 U.S.C. §1058. The Section 8 declaration is accepted.


The declaration of incontestability filed for the above-identified registration meets the requirements of Section 15 of the Trademark Act, 15 U.S.C. §1065. The Section 15 declaration is acknowledged.

The registration will remain in force for the class(es) listed below for the remainder of the ten-year period, calculated from the registration date, unless canceled by an order of the Commissioner for Trademarks or a Federal Court.



Phone 6 vs. Android – lets start a fight

I think the tech media is giving Apple welfare on this device. If not for the Apple name would the tech media do anything but laugh at this device?

And – besides fighting about Apple vs. Android, what features do you think future phones will have that they don’t have today? Like – why not put infrared IP in them like they used to so the phone can be used as a TV remote? I’d love to go into a restaurant and be able to hit a button and turn off all the TV sets so I could have a quiet meal.

Will your cell phone ever replace your doctor? There’s an X-Prize to make that happen.

What features do you think cell phones will have in the future?

Finally – an Operating System for the RAZR M that WORKS!

UPDATE – Amazing coincidence but Motorola has just released a new rom that fixes the old rom. It’s still 4.4.2 instead of 4.4.4 but people seem to be saying that many bugs are fixed. I’m sticking with Cyanogenmod for now. But would like to hear from RAZR M users what they think.

I’ve had my Motorola RAZR M (XT907) for a couple of years now. And over that time I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it. I love the phone – but hate most of the roms that Motorola has released. The phone originally came with Ice Cream Sandwich, the last OS where the charge light worked. Then it was upgraded to various versions of Jellybean. Some were terrible, some were reasonably good. In fact the last JB was pretty good.

Then they “upgraded” to KitKat 4.4.2 and broke the phone so bad it was almost unusable. And that’s the latest version that most normal users have, and it totally s*cks! Never saw so much erratic behavior. It’s like the phone was haunted.

But finally Cyanogenmod has (finally) got their rom working and now I have KitKat 4.4.4 with their mods and IT WORKS! Not flawless but pretty close. Sometimes the screen goes much dimmer than it needs to be but turning autobrightness off and on fixes it. The battery charge LED works again for the first time since ICS.

For 2 releases I was part of their “soak test” which was an early release. Each time I tested the device usually reporting 14 to 20 major bugs. And each time they released the rom with no changes. Not only that most of the bugs were still there in the next release. The soak test was just so they could say they tested it.

I am considering getting a new phone when Verizon releases the next batch of smart phones this fall. My experience with Motorola is tainted. I still like the phones better than Samsung but I feel like they should at least release one good rom with KK 4.4.4 that’s fixed rather than abandoning the product with the worse rom ever. I hope someone at Motorola reads this because how you treat your customers makes a difference on future purchases.

If Motorola wants a quick fix they should just buy the Cyanogenmod rom and distribute it because it actually works.

Somewhere in the Caribbean

Somewhere in the Caribbean

Apple comes out with iPhone 6 and watch – yawn

I’m sure this is exciting news for those of you in the Apple cult. And it’s a good thing because Apple usually comes out with some new feature that will inspire Android development. And it’s good to see Apple catching up with where Android was 4 years ago.

Up until now Apple had the smallest screens of any modern phone. I have a RAZR M and it’s considered tiny these days and it’s still bigger than the iPhone 5. And Apple is FINALLY including an NFC chip. Something the Android phones have had for years. In fact, Apple was holding things up for the rest of us because there were few people in the financial world wanting to adopt NFC technology for “pay with your phone” because it didn’t work with Apple phones. So now I’ll be able to use Google Wallet because of Apple!

As to the watch – that’s wide open territory. I’m not seeing anything yet that makes me want to wear a watch again. But with Apple doing something different maybe in a few years someone will have something I want to buy. But for the most part a watch is to tell me what time it is. My phone does that, so why buy a watch? Especially something I have to charge all the time. Maybe if they had a way to “wind the watch” that charges the battery I might be more interested.

SolarCity Install Today

My SolarCity install is today. I’m going to do a live blog so this article is going to change. It’s 10:40 am and I got a call saying they will be here in 10 minutes. They were scheduled for noon so they get a +1 for being more than on time. They did call 90 minutes ago asking me if they can come early. So far so good.

10:50am They have arrived.

One thing I did find out is that the solar isn’t going to be actually working today. They have to inspect it and there’s paperwork and then PG&E has to change out the meter. So it’s going to be several weeks before I actually get power off the system.

12:30pm Running into a few issues. Apparently the design team didn’t get the dimensions right on my existing solar collector for heating water. As a result I’m only getting 14 panels instead of 15. I did however talk them into a couple extra panels so I still have enough, although I did want to have extra capacity so I could be net power positive.

I’m also hearing bad things about the City of Gilroy permitting process. Not just from the guys here on the job but another guy from SolarCity that I ran into a few days ago at planing department. He said Gilroy has a lot of unnecessary paperwork that other cities in the area don’t require. I have already emailed the entire city council about it and the city manager. Gilroy doesn’t need to be hostile to solar energy.

Additionally I invited all of city council to show up and watch as well as the head of the local Chamber of Commerce. So the day is still young.

1:08pm Progress continues …

1:38pm They started with 3 guys this morning. Now 3 more guys showed up. One of the guys is a girl.

1:55pm Inverter mounted on house.

2:54pm – Progress continues Not sure what’s happening up top but they are connecting the wiring into the inverter and into the electrical panel.

3:55pm – it’s done! Crew poses for group shot.

Can’t get a good picture from any angle. This includes my home made solar hot water heater.

View from across the creek. There’s no good place to take a pic of my roof until the Google satellite goes over.

Now I have to wait maybe another month so that Gilroy inspectors and PG&E inspectors can approve it. Hopefully they aren’t going to be an obstacle.

CONCLUSION – The whole install took 5 hours which is what I consider to be fast. The installers were very nice and all of them seemed to feel like working for SolarCity was great. The panels are mounted well and everything looks very professional. The engineering was the only issue, and the install team had to redesign the system on the fly because of some fairly gross mistakes by engineering.

This isn’t the final step though. It’s just sitting there doing nothing right now waiting for inspectors. Hopefully no one is going to screw up the process. So after it’s turned on we’ll see what kind of power it produces. But I’m giving SolarCity a thumbs up so far.

Motorola Moto360 Smart Watch Rolls Out

Very cool watch. But many reports of bad battery life. Makes me want to own a watch again. But maybe not yet. In my opinion a watch should go 3 days of normal use without needing to be charged. Also – in my opinion – there should be a mechanical charging mechanism so that as you walk, jog, move your arms, or vibrations for driving a car should help charge the battery much like a shake flashlight works. Also should have a bedside charging dock that doubles as a night clock/alarm clock.

One also has to keep in mind that, like cell phones, after the first few upgrades the product usually gets better. So missing functionality will get better over time. The battery life might be improved somewhat after a software update too. And optional bands will come to the market. On the other hand there seems to be a trend these days to make things worse with upgrades and Motorola has done that as well. I own a RAZR M cell phone and had to do a lot of work to uninstall KitKat 4.4.2 and go back to Jelly Bean because their upgrade broke so much stuff. But that’s another article.




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